Vote Logging

First of all make sure you have purchased premium! And now make sure your server is listed on as well.


Now, run the *votesetup command.

This might seem a bit overwhelming, but I'll walk you through it

First, set a new key. Simply press the first red button, and type a password to use. This can be anything you want, but make sure to remember it and keep it somewhere safe!

Treat this key as a password! Users who are familiar with and programming will be able to add extra votes to themselves or other users if they know this key.

Now, edit your server on, scroll all the way down to "Server Webhooks" In the URL field, put: Don't forget to submit changes.

In the Authorization field, put the same password you entered before. Make sure to keep this secret, if a user obtains this password, they can fake votes.

You can now vote for your own server, then once you use the *votes command, it should show 1 now! If this is the case, everything is working correctly.


Now, you can go onto more customization and setup for vote tracking.

To start out, you can add role rewards. To do this, press the 🏆 button. Then, add a role to the rewards like either like this @1 Vote 1 or 820021746421465110 1. The first argument is the role, which can be either a mention or an ID, and the second argument is the amount of votes needed. You can add up to 8 role rewards!

Optionally, you can also choose to remove the previous role when getting a new one. This makes sure a user doesn't end up with 8 roles after they reached the last goal, but instead, only with the highest reward role!

There's also a temporary role setting, to set this, click the ⏱ button, and mention a role or role ID. After you did that, this role will be given to anyone who votes, and automatically removed 12 hours later.

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