Basic Usage

Using Tippy is pretty simple! But if you need a starting guide, read this!

To start out, invite Tippy here. Then once Tippy has joined your server, you can use the *help command to view a list of commands! Additionally, there's also a list here.

If Tippy doesn't respond, make sure to check it's permissions for the channel. It needs to be able to view the channel, send messages, and embed links! If you're still running into issues, you can join the support server.

Now we can do some basic configuration. To start out, you might want to change the prefix. You can do this using the *prefix command. For example, to set the prefix to ^, you can use *prefix ^. If you forget Tippy's prefix, you can ping Tippy, and it will tell you the prefix. If you managed to set the prefix to something that Tippy isn't responding to, you can use @Tippy resetprefix to reset it to the default *.

Now let's say you don't want Tippy to respond to commands in some chats, or maybe you just don't like some commands. You can use the *disable command for this.

To disable a channel, you can use *disable channel #channel. This will prevent Tippy from responding to any commands in this channel, you can use *enable channel #channel to enable the channel again!

To disable a command, you can similarly use *disable command <command>. Simply replace <command> with the command you want to disable, and Tippy will stop responding to this command in the server. Additionally, you can also use *disable category <category to disable a full command category, such as the fun category!

You should be good to go now! For further instructions on some of the more complicated commands, follow the rest of this guide!

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