To start, please type *confessionsetup and follow the guide which tippy shows you or here!

You might be wondering, what is all this?! Well, let me help you.

1. Setting up your channels


Well, let's setup where you want your confessions sent, press the ⚙ button to start this process. The bot will ask if you want to setup the channels, press the ⚙ buttons again and 2 new channels will appear. One will be called #confess and another will be called #confessions. You can change these channel names to your liking afterwards.


If you prefer to create your channels. To do this, simply create the output channel, and optionally an input channel. Once you've done that, use the Set input and Set output channels buttons, and mention your channels to complete the setup.

2. Moderation

Next, let's set a slowmode for confessions, this prevents users from spamming confessions. Setting up a slowmode through the setup takes not only the channel into account, but also DM confessions, and commands!

To set it up, start by pressing the 💤 button, I would type 300 as it's 5 minutes per confession, just to prevent hassle of deleting spam confessions. You can set it to any value yourself, remember, the number is the amount of seconds for the slowmode!

Now, what to do if a user posts inappropriate confessions? You can actually block them from posting confession using *confessmute <id>. The ID in this command is not a Discord ID, but instead is the #number on the confession. Optionally, you can add a time (Such as 1 day 6 hours to automatically unmute them later. To view a list of IDs who are muted from confessions, you can use *confessmuted.

Another way to moderate confessions is to turn on logs. By doing this, the footer of new confessions will show Confessions in this server are logged to inform users that their confessions are not fully anonymous. Confessions that have been submitted while logs are turned on are able to be reviewed by using *confession <ID>. The ID here is again the confession #number.

3. Customization

You can change how the confessions are displayed! As of now, you can only edit the embed color, but more is likely to come soon!

Let's go through changing the embed color, for me, I use #2F3136 which is the Dark Mode discord background, it looks pretty neat. To setup the color, press the 🖌️ button, then send your hex color, then it'll be set!

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