Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions, and guides to resolve these issues. If this page doesn't resolve the issue, join the support server ( for help!

Tippy is not responding in my server!

Please first make sure to check the status page.

If the status page doesn't report any errors, and Tippy still isn't responding, please follow these steps. First, try pinging Tippy, usually Tippy will respond with it's current prefix. If Tippy responds, but doesn't respond to commands, make sure you didn't disable any channel/command.

To check for this, run the command *enable. If Tippy responds to this command, but not other commands, it means either a channel, category, or command has been disabled in your server! Enabling it again should resolve the issue.

If Tippy doesn't respond to the ping, make sure to check it's permissions in both the entire server, and the specific channel you're using it in. Tippy needs the View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links permissions to work.

How do I use DM Confessions?

How do vote reminders work?

Tippy's slash commands don't show up!

Slash commands are a recently new feature from Discord. If you had Tippy in your server before Tippy implemented slash commands, all you need to do is use the invite link and add it to your server again. There is no need to kick Tippy before, just reusing the invite link will add the slash commands!

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